How are people with Autism treated in the UK? And else where? (other countries).

Hi. I live in Jersey, a small island in between France and England.

Jersey is part of the channel islands, which belong to the British Isles. So people who live in Jersey have British Passports.

Although, Jersey isn't governed by the British Government. Instead it has its own government to rule over its small lands (7 miles by 9 miles) and small population of about 120,000 people.

Jersey's government, although up to date with finance law, is very behind (perhaps convieniantly so) in laws that give the inhabitants of Jersey rights and that protect people from blatant discrimination.

Presently, The States of Jersey have not ratified (decided to put in place) the full UN conventions on Human Rights, or the full UN conventions on Human Rights for people with disabilities. The States of Jersey do not even have a law in place that protect people from discrimination, and there is only skelatol laws to protect employee's from unfair dismissal and no laws against bullying in the work place.

As for Autism and especially Asperger's Syndrome. The States of Jersey do not recognise this complex and delibitating condition as anything. So do not make any allowances in terms of requirements to work, nor do they house anyone in specialist housing designed to alleviate the problems that come from having autism, such as Sensory Processing Disorder.

I was wondering how people in the UK with Autism were treated. Are you housed in specialist housing?

Do the social services require for you to look for work in order to receive benefits to cover living costs?

I would appreciate help on this subject, so that I know how people in the huUK are treated and so that I can compare to how people in Jersey are treated.


Kind regards