Professions or suitable jobs for Austistic people

I am a Mum to an 11year old who is interested in computors. I would like some advice from people who are successful in their jobs by that I mean happy at what they do and why they are happy. I don't mean earning power even though that is an indicator.  My son finds it difficult to follow instructions and has problems processing information. He likes facts and describes himself as a nerd. He likes that title of nerd. 

What jobs have you found do not suit and what jobs do suit. Are colleagues aware of your Autism or not.? Are they supoortive of you (i.e. no bullying or unkind remarks)

What jobs were difficult and performance issues arose?  I would be interested to hear your advice and experience. 

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  • From my experience, I find that different autistic people are suited to different jobs, in the same way that "normal" people are. I work in consultancy, and I've not yet met a person in my career that has judged me differently for being autistic, and all my colleagues have been very supportive of me.

    I think the key thing to do is to raise the issues you'll face straight away, before they become a problem. People in managerial roles would much prefer you told them about something that might be a problem in the future so they can do something about, rather than being told about it when the problem has happened. Communicate the issues you face early on, and a good manager will accommodate to help you work at your best!x

    Much love <3

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