My first post (changes in life how do people cope)

Hi :) Hope everybody is well. I've had asperger's well diagnosed about 22 years ago (35 now)

Now there's been a change in my home circumstances (still live with my folks) but that's about to change. How did people.............handle it? (if they had these sort of things going on in their life) I know...............I have been struggling to be honest (Not going to deny that) especially with all the delay's i've had with this (had pretty bad thoughts I won't go into) I got a call the other day though saying that something had finally been found (looks like I have accepted) but now that's going to likely cause other anxiety's in me you know dealing with the rent side of the situation and obviously how to look after myself (I have been promised support though but not sure as to what extent it will be at the moment)

Hope this sounds all OK...................?

  • Hi everyone :) Long time no updates :) I've been in here almost a month now erm had a few problems with the electricity company not coming out to arrange a check my meters as promised (I couldn't call them as I have no daytime minutes on my phones) eventually got it sorted today though also had my local service event today by god it was good. Got a food bag (well 2 as they gave everyone one for free and gave some people a extra as guess they had too many made) lol so I got 2. Loads of tinned food that will keep me going for a good while. Also won a microwave and a voucher for tesco in the raffle (I'll either sell the microwave or give it to my parents as I don't need another microwave) erm also i've had a warm discount scheme applied to my electricity account (they not all that bad despite the problems i've had contacting them) I now believe i'm on a smooth path for the rest of the year at the least. Sure the new year will bring new challenges but i'm still standing that's all i've wanted since I started this process

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