NHS Grampian say no more ASD assessments after 1yr wait

After years of trying to get my GP to agree I needed an assessment , then being referred to the wrong hospital / NHS area, who despite seeing me for other medical issues, said I had to be sent to my own NHS area.

I live on a border, My Dr is is a different area then my home, even though it is the closest Dr, around the corner from my home, causes endless issues.

Eventually I got a referral to the right NHS (Grampian) nothing happened, then I got a call to ask if a lady could pop in for a chat, never said who she was, what her job was etc, after cancelling a few times, the meeting was useless and I still had no idea it was anything to do with an assessment.

The following year I was told I would need to travel 80 miles for an appointment (not possible for me) so after much letter writing by my Dr and Advocate (which were ignored) I have now been told Grampian NHS no longer do ASD assessments.

I quoted the Sign guild-lines, but was to that is only a recommendation, not a requirement .

Has any one got any suggestions where to try next? or is it worth starting a campaign as clearly this will affect others, are there any rules the NHS follow?