Fearful of PiP assessment

So I finally got my appointment today after waiting nearly two months. I know there's no way they'll do an assessment for me at home, but I'll definitely have to change the appointment as there's no way I can get somewhere that's 47 minutes away by car with an appointment scheduled at 9am! (will be going with my partner, because just the thought of travelling somewhere I've never been before on my own is enough to nearly send me into a panic attack).

I know this seems to be a common subject here on the forums, & I hate admitting this but I am stressing out beyond comprehension about this damn face to face assessment.

It's taken a lot for me to come to terms with the fact that my recently diagnosed ASD is the root for my anxiety & a concoction of other problems, that I know I can never 'get over it' like some people have suggested throughout my life. So for me to be a nervous wreck when I make phone calls concerning appointments, it makes me want to slap myself for being such a damn wuss about it. I know I can't control it, & I still need to come to terms with a lot of stuff, but this stress is ridiculous, it's also lead to some minor panic attacks. 

I've read that quite a few people have had some really bad experiences with going to face to face assessments, & even had their claims denied & had to appeal. I made sure I listed out in great detail all of the negative affects of my ASD & how it can royally screw with me in all sorts of ways on the form (obviously in a more explanatory & eloquent manner then saying "it royally screws with me" haha) & made sure to explain my 'worst days' as the citizens advice bureau suggested. 

I didn't have much support in my pursuit for a diagnosis, I had people close to me tell me directly; & on numerous occassions, that there was no way I was autistic, & more or less told me to shut up about it. So I'm terrified at the idea that someone at the PiP assessment will tell me that in 'their opinion' I'm not eligable because of some misguided stereotypical perceptions of autism, especially as I'm female.
I've called them twice so far for different reasons & the ladies I've spoken to have been very patient & understanding, so I suppose it's a fools hope that maybe the assessors will be the same?