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What are peoples thougts on the end of the Paper version of the Aspergers United Magazine?

I find it a little odd hta the announcement was made without FIRST seeking the opnions oof the readers. There is a questionaire included but he announcement is definate that ther will no longer be a Paper version. The next edition will be he final one and will sibsequently be only available online.

It is a fact that Adults with Asperegers have the least of all services fro people on the Spectrum. So why make savings there? maybe because other people like myself with Aspergers will not kick up enough fuss for anyone to care. It is an easy option. We will just go on struggling through life. Just about coping, living, maybe unhappy and then die. We often don't look any different and nobody cares.

I am guessing that that many magazines probably endup  Proffessionals postboxes and never get read. For many though it is an important and valid publication. Recieving it really matters. For me it is a thing that makes me feel like I exist.

I really do struggle to talk with people or communicate in general. i don't really have a voice. I can't do it. I am sure others are the same and will not be head because also by their nature they cannot communicate what would be needed to keep the paper version of Aspergers United in print. It a little like telling someone in a wheelchair to use the stairs.

I don't understand why proffessonals cannot be charged for the publication or that the paper quality is reduced (making the item lighter) or making the publication a smaller A5 format which would reduce postage costs too. Or making it totally black and white. Or having a limit on the number of words per article. Or maybe post all the copies to a lcal office and let subscribers collect there copy locally. But NO, none of these things have been tried......instead it is just been stopped.

I think that it is fundametally wrong that the anouncement to stop the Paper version was made before first seeking feedback or considering savings that would enable it to be run on a cheaper footing.

NAS ia a charity. What percentage of donations is spent on Adult Aspergers? What percentage of cuts affects adults with Asergers? I would really like to see these figures so that I could make a true evaluation of the decisions to make the 'Savings' gained by the stopping of the Paper version of Aspergers United.

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