What catorgy do people find more annoying out of? Religious fanatics, Hippies or Politions.

For me I think it's hippies personally because there so fake then relgios people then politions.

  • Being an aging hippy chic, I think you've just met the wrong sort of hippy, lol. All the ones I know are anything but fake.

  • Real hippies keep to themselves.  I ignore politicians and religion.  I did have more of an issue with social justice warriors.  I ignore them now.  Are you getting hippies mixed up with hipsters?

  • To be honest, nowadays the three are practically indistinguishable. 

  • bureaucrats and the mindlessly woke. Oh don't get me wrong I'll have a rational debate with anyone about hot potato issues but the thing bureaucrats and the mindlessly woke have in common is neither really want a debate they just want to reiterate their points of view as if they were some divine edict handed down from god almighty and to vilify you for even suggesting they may be wrong.

  • Climate change people.  I wish they would just block volcanoes.

  • I once said to someone that I thought the endless drive for 'diversity' and categorising people was actually creating more intolerance and division. Maybe a better solution would be to focus on our similarities as human beings, rather than our differences.

    The reply I got was simply:

    "No, you're wrong"

  • I’m a Christian myself who actually believes in Jesus Christ and God the Father. I don’t like religious fanatics, or more specifically, bigots.

     I hate it when I see religious people including those of the same religion as I be so disrespectful of people who disagree and don’t base their beliefs on faith. I find it so sad that religious people can’t accept that the existence of any kind of God is not a fact, but is a belief. Religious bigots are so illogical to think that there’s evidence, for if there was evidence they would be no need of having faith.

    Religious bigots disgrace religion and The Golden Rule, treat people the way you want to be treat or as Christianity says “love thy neighbour as thyself.”

  • Exactly.  You are balanced.