Dream jobs

I understand that many of us do not have jobs, and I know that those who do (myself included here) struggle a lot with them. This got me wondering about what dream job(s) we can think of, or even hope to do one day. It may be inspiring and help some of us find something that allows forum users to get a job or get a better-suited job.

I will put down some thoughts to get the ball rolling. My main priority is to be away from an office or busy environment.

1) work from home permanently doing some kind of PAYE employment for salary certainty. this would ideally just be for 2-3 days a week. if money was not a constraint then I would not do this work at all, and I would do something more fun like a gardening job in the summer, maybe become a landscape garden designer, write novels and short stories professionally.

2) design board games 1-2 days a week.

3) volunteer at a charity in a non customer-facing role 1 day a week.

4) maybe a part-time bike mechanic and/or frame builder 1 day a week. i can't afford the training costs and time needed to get the qualifications to do these things now but maybe in the future.

A 'portfolio' career is my ideal because I can get bored doing the same thing and this also allows me to think in terms of escapes - when things get too much doing job X I can flee to safety with job Y. I think this mental trick would be very beneficial for me.

How about you?

  • To work for forge world creating Warhammer boards scenery and painting up Warhammer armies all day long. I couldn't think of another dream besides that. 

  • I would love to be a watchmaker or some other delicate craft but I sometimes get shaky hands, especially when nervous, and so in practice I could not do this. the idea is wonderful though. being a maker, creating something, just sounds so nice and rewarding.

    i have realised this is actually a very helpful but frustrating exercise for me. the things I want to do are really nothing to do with the qualifications and experience I have, and what I am good at - with the exception of the board game design I suppose. I have three quantitative-based degrees from universities, am a reasonable logician and coder, have been published twice in good academic journals, but all i really want to do is make simple things like bike frames and create nice landscapes in gardens. perhaps I am running away from a world that is scary and challenging and I am too old and tired now to keep dealing with it.

  • I currently 'work' as an artist and tattooist, and have done so for many years now. It does give me a lot of freedom and variety, but also comes with financial insecurity, social interaction difficulties, and self-motivation issues.

    I'd often thought that regular salary would be nice, but I don't really want the expectations and schedules that come with it.

    List of alternatives that I've considered over the years:

    - bike/frame builder

    - boatbuilder

    - dry stone waller

    - park ranger

    - mountain rescue

    - health and safety officer (weird)

    - prosthetist or prosthetics technician

    - art fabrication technician

    - set builder

    Some of the above require training I don't have the funds or time to endure, others are very niche with demanding entry points. And a lot of them have hit and miss financial rewards.

    But I do like the idea of a versatile portfolio career.

  • bike/frame builder

    we could go into business together! :)

  • Haha, I actually have an old book on frames and framesets somewhere, but it's all the classic style geometry.

    I also used to be a dab hand at welding and brazing, but that was a very long time ago. Smiley

  • CB,

    Everything you have written is things I have thought of and would like to do.  Other thoughts on this subject are:

    1. Being a public speaker on mental health issues/autism.
    2. Anything to do with caring for animals except that I am allergic.
    3. Being a counsellor as long as I had support for any triggering topics.
    4. Organising and categorising things.  I LOVE filling things but often these types of jobs pull me in too many other directions so are too overwhelming.
    5. Artist/poet/musician.  I do all of these things but making them into a career would cause too much pressure for me to do it all perfectly.
    6. Phlebotomist.  I love getting blood taken and helping others but I'd have to retrain and then risk not being able to handle the people in any given working environment or the place itself (sensory wise).

    This has been a successful exercise for me because work is a trigger to making me feel tearful and self loathing because of my struggles to maintain jobs.....

  • Along with numerous boat building books, unless I've already got rid of them.

    Shows how long it's been since I checked. I have a habit of getting my next great idea for a new career path, spending money on it, to then immediately find something else, hahaha.

  • painting up Warhammer armies all day long

    Me too!!! Have you ever seen the programme where they mend old possessions? I forget the name but I'd love that job!!

  • Since the market leader has ceased production for technical reasons, maybe there's a dream job here for someone?


  • degrees from universities, am a reasonable logician and coder, have been published twice in good academic journals, but all i really want to do is make simple things like bike frames and create nice landscapes in gardens

    Perhaps the grass is always greener but I too have the same issues.  Qualifications in things I cannot use.  I sometimes spend hours crocheting because it gets me to that zone of nothingness.  I watched something that may be useful.  The person was saying that for an Autistic person to decompress, they needed to do a "special interest."  This is what I've been doing unintentionally.  I'm glad everyone is posting here as it's given me more ideas on what I might like to explore as hobbies or distractions....