When it comes to messaging people or talking

Just wondered if it's me thing or an autistic thing but when I write I tend to write very long messages ramble on and I think sometimes people find me tiresome or intence as I talk to much. Like I'll just go of on one rather than talking to them more talking at them. Luckily my freinds are pretty tolerable of me and understand my condition. But was just wondering if anyone ellse has the issues when it comes to camunicating. Bare in mind I spend most of my days by myself probably the only time I go out is for drinks once a fortnight or to the gym. Hence why I'm usually on here spew off on one as I do t have much interactive with people during the weeks. Partly why I wish had a job at times.

  • i'm the opposite, i think it is because i find that people interrupt me when i am speaking so i make my messages as short as possible.

  • Yeah kind of wish I could too be fair I'm working on it I think I figured why too. As I tend to chatosphtrise sitions so when people don't respond I start thinking have I pissed them or offended them by mistake as I'm very blunt and out spoken but that's due my ADHD side rather than my ASD side so sometimes people take me the wrong way.

  • I have difficulty judging empathy, so often times I find it difficult to participate in discussions amongst my friends. When I do talk, I often go on talking about a specific topic for a long time and fail to realize that others might not be interested in it anymore. I cannot judge if other people are interested in what I am saying or not. These a days while having discussion, if I am boring them and if they wish to speak on another topic. 

  • I have an online buddy from Brighton, in his early Fifties and diagnosed with ASD a few years ago - and he goes nineteen to the dozen about his topics of interest. At times I switch off, due to my low attention span, but I do ask him about how things are.

    We talked last night about the Velvet Underground. Smiley

  • Yeah I struggle with understanding empathy or showing it to be fair so when I do I can come across as a bit harsh without meaning too and yeah completely the same I'm ok face to face but when it comes to messaging it's a lot harder tbf as well as understanding banter or jokes.

  • Yeah that's me all over and my mates will then be like that's irrilvent or to much information. I did say to them though if I do get like that you can just mute then come back when your ready talk. It's like verbal diarrhea as my mum would discribe it

  • I interact mostly by text messages. I never bother reading most people's long posts on here and it makes me wonder if I have adhd or whether I just don't care/am selfish, but my own messaging style is often more fractured but with a lot to say. When I get bored of texting one person I just text another and often repeat the conversation! 

  • If a post here is long and not broken up into paragraphs, I tend to skim.

  • I'd skim if I thought it was a one off but not the people that make every single post a lengthy one! 

  • you might have alexithymia, I think i've got it, but I'm self-diagnosed, and there is no diagnosis done if you have it anywhere, worst side of it is that you are unable to tell when people are lying,