Melanie Sykes have just been diagnosed with autism

Melanie Sykes has just been diagnosed as being autistic 

She like many here remained undiagnosed until later in life. 

very positive article

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I can't put into words how I feel. Hopefully this should be a positive step in helping people understand autism and breaking down stereotypes.

    Edit - also mixed feelings that it should take a highish profile celebrity who doesnt fit the stereotypical mould to announce this in order for people to start listening. 

    Further edit - I like melanie sykes. I don't know much about the other one just that she's always in the local news website it seems wanting attention about her kids. I'm sure it must be difficult for her but I can't help feeling she uses it just yo get "air time". 

  • Duno Greta Tuneburg is autistic and she does nothing to raise awareness for it. Besides harp on about climate change. She's constantly in the public eye but does nothing back to it. Eminem at least raps about his strugels with ADHD. But ADHD is separate though as I have both anyway.

  • It seems like she doesn't need to in Germany, perhaps. NZ and Denmark also seem like they have a base understanding of the neuro-difference. 

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