Any people over 40 on here ?

Hi my name is Sylvia - I am yet to be diagnosed - still waiting after 1yr 3mths - but have 4 more in the family  diagnosed about 2 years ago - who all went private - my daughter is just beginning her journey on the assessment - I am 57 and I am 99% sure that I am withing the Aspergers Spectrum and just wondered if you get more tired - I have worked since I was 15 - we had to in those days - there were many problems along the way - I now find that I dont want to go to work - my body is able but my brain lacks motivation - I have to go back next weekend - I work 2 nights although it should be 3 - I am just tired and feel happier now closer to home - how does anyonelse cope with this? I also would like to make interesting friends cos I am so bored by my old ones, and I do not say this lightly - I have known them for over 15 years, and have broken away from them - they dont talk, they dont want to get on in life - I am still going in for my Degree in Counselling this year and also waiting to find out if I can be a Registered Childminder again - and they dont laugh and have no sense of humour - I like the different things in life - Sylvia