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I tried and tried to find the reply gave me but cannot. So I am posting this information hoping to contact them. It is what we were talking about, women not having power in history. It is an article by Tara Mohr called Learning to Love Criticism in the New York Times if you want to look it up. It is the paragraph starting:

"There's another, deeper factor that informs women's relationship to criticism and praise."

I really wish this forum was nice and clear like the PHP forums. I search and search for people's replies, then the reply button doesn't appear. Sooooo frustrating.

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  • They must be able to change the configuration to make it easier.

  • yeah - once it's over 50 replies, it's a nightmare to try to make sense of the parallel nested threads.   I've never used a website as bad as this one.

    The one before the last one here was really very good to use and very easy on the eyes too, and was very much like all the other Autistic websites I use in terms of being Autism compatible ~ unlike the previous and current versions here that were and are much more suited to non-autistic sensibilities with all the parallel thread nesting mess.  

    My main difficulty with this place is the over-sized space hogging top-panel, the three-step decreasing font size from which to the replies and the reply typing panel that really make writing on this website rather a body and mind fragging strain for me ~ what with having stress induced Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures.

    I mean I am pretty sure everybody else has to put up with the complete disorderly jumble of font sizes and wasted vertical space as depicted below:

    But no other autistic website has any of these undesirably disordered and irregular features, nor any of the dysfunctional site operations that pretty much seem to be 'just get used to it' parts of the service now.

    I do like to imagine though that the National Autistic Society can get this website sorted out ~ as in sorted right out and replaced with something new that actually looks good 'and' works well, something like before. It was so homely and comfortable, not irritating and frustrating like now, alas. :-(