I am the mother of a son with aspergers diagnosed for a year. He is 32yrs .

He finds it very hard to talk and interact with other people and has no social life. He also blames me for him not getting diagnosed earlier. He believes it would have been easier to accept and he believes he may have had a better social circle.

  • There's an old saying - "you are the average of the 5 closest people to you."

    Without a circle of friends or family, autistic people tend to focus on their parents and they direct all their anger / frustration at them.       It's not personal, it's just there isn't any other target for them.      And it's always much easier to blame others for their failings rather than to accept the responsibility for their own actions.       Without the friendship group to talk things over with and to hear differing opinions, it's almost impossible for them to move forward.    The echo machine of their own company just reinforces their viewpoint.

    I would suggest he needs to get some kind of social activity - are there any autistic groups in your area?

  • I felt the same way towards my Brother and Nan. Now, I feel this way towars my Aunt-through-Marriage.

    Everyone wants to run my life for me so much I have little opportunity to fend for myself.

  • Have you calmly asked them why they do this?     What do they see going wrong for you that they feel the need to intervene?      They may be aware of dangers that your are blissfully unaware of.

  • Just bad habits relating to my Autistic Idiosyncrasies.

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