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Hello everyone

Just wondering if there are any chess players here? I'm an amateur just starting to get into it (rated <1000). Perhaps we could start a chess club on or lichess? Because NTs playing online can get quite nasty, sometimes cheating with an engine or typing mean things in the chat, or both, which gives me massive anxiety. I trust you lot play more honest and friendly chess. We could also learn from one another.

Well if there's enough interest I'll set up a club on and put the link here. I don't currently have a lichess account but if that's more popular then I'll join.

Or if you don't want to join a club but wouldn't mind adding me privately, my handle is CasualPatzer.


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  • Not quite as it is three of us now ~ I just set up an account on as Deepthought0369, and I play to play rather than to win or lose in particular as that sort of thing is a distraction from the game as far as I am concerned. Relaxed

    Any chance also that you could use a username here as us dyslexic types with dyscalculia find it difficult to identify with numbers and letters, where as a fictional name or some such is so much easier. Relaxed

  • I am also now a member of with the same username (Deepthought0369) as on

  • Omg thanks! SFLR  I thought this thread was dead. I'll add you now. 

    About the NAS username, I did think about doing that but as I've previously made a thread about a traumatic discriminatory event involving a large national church, I in fact do not want this account to be memorable, nor that post to be easily linked to other comments or posts I make, as that matter has gotten quite legal and political, and I have evidence that my online footprint is being stalked by people from that church while I pursue justice. When that matter is resolved then I'll change my username to something wordy and memorable.

    Update: I can't find Deepthought0369 on Are you hidden or something? Please could you try adding me (CasualPatzer)?

  • Update: I can't find Deepthought0369 on Are you hidden or something? Please could you try adding me (CasualPatzer)?

    You have been added. Relaxed