Autistic Adults and the World of Employment.

I'm starting to get really angry, frustrated and annoyed at my local authority and the job centre. it seems that my local authority is actively working against people with autism spectrum disorder and judging us fit to work in environments completely unacceptable. by unacceptable, I mean that the workplace cannot make any sort reasonable adjustments, I keep coming across people like me who have been forced to work on livestock factory farms, worked in pub chains and forced us to keep doing free work experience with no outcome of getting employed.

my local authority requires an NHS diagnosis and refuses to take private diagnosis as evidence as autism spectrum disorder, the job centre have actively hidden organisations and services that are available to people who need genuine support. you have to ask for these service repeatedly before they will refer you to any of these services.

when it come to these organisations and services you have to be carful who is coach or programme leader because they will harass you into doing online course to gain qualifications that most companies and business do not accept as genuine qualifications. such as business administrations, retail and finical management. this isn't real support is a form of miss direction and at the end they are poorly managed and developed which means you don't finish them because of an external IT error and you have to pay out of your own pocket for not completing them.

I don't know how many of you who live in a rural location, that cant afford to obtain a driving licence because of the cost and the fact your going to need more driving lessons from the typical person, but how many of you have the same problems balancing like me who even though they are an adult they cant ride a bike, in my case I was in an accident on push bike with a tractor and I have lost the skill completely I can no longer balance my self, I have tried multiple time to get on top of a pushbike and it triggers a autism meltdown. they keep suggesting a moped scheme so I can access work opportunities but it completely unreasonable. multiple people have lost the life on the road between my home and the nearest towns. they even suggest I'm making excuses, I'm truly not. 

I have been passed around by the job centre to organisation such as the princes trust, up lift programmes and Shaw Trust. I honestly if I had the opportunity would love the opportunity to go back to college but this time round have access to routine transportation and support that I didn't have the first time round because the local authority didn't accept my private diagnosis and set up a support group in the local community centre so I can understand from other people on the spectrum how they cope with the difficulties and form strategies that actually work. but I haven't got a clue how I go about setting that up.

Personally I have had so many jobs, working on livestock farms, working in a pub, working in the care homes, working kitchens and even work in retail and if it not the  staff physical or verbal assaulting me it a customer or client doing it to me. but nothing seem to be available for someone like me. moving house isn't an option until I have fulltime employment before anyone suggest it.

at the minuet my job centre is trying to bully me and another person on the spectrum to do an apprentice in a meat processing plant or a livestock apprentice.