Worrying about the AQ50 questionnaire and referral

I'm worrying because I realise I gave incorrect answers on a couple of questions on the assessment questionnaire now I've had more time to think about the way I am. What if I don't get an assessment appointment? The GP said it is very hard to get an assessment at the moment, very few people get seen. I'm even worried that I won't get diagnosed because if I don't then what on earth is wrong with me??!! Any advice?

  • Hi Adira,

    I experienced the same thing when I filled out my assessment questionnaires. Try not to worry, even though it can be hard not to. I gave incorrect answers on a few of the questions on my assessment questionnaire and I still got a referral. I find introspection quite difficult (I'm not sure if that's a trait or not) and I'm not sure if that came across on the questionnaire because I crossed out my answers a few times. If you are really concerned, I would recommend contacting your doctors surgery or diagnostic service that handed out your questionnaire and explaining your problem to them. Hopefully they'll be able to show some understanding and offer some reassurance. Maybe you could ask for a new copy of the questionnaire. I hope that helps.

  • Why don't you fill out an online version with the same answers and see what score you get?