Denied assessment by community mental health team

Hi, I have always suspected that I was different from every one else. I am now 38 and finally got up the courage to ask my GP for a referral for Autistic assessment. 

My GP was amazing and had no issues referring me. That was three weeks ago, today I received a letter from a Community Mental Health Team. This is what it said...

We recently received a letter from your GP with regards to a query of autism.

What is of help when we receive your referral is that we are able to call up psychiatric notes for yourself.

On detailed review of your notes there is absolutely nothing to indicate that you have autism. It would appear that you have struggled for a long time with anxiety and low mood, and you have struggled socially for some time. We are of the belief that your presentation is more in keeping with anxiety as opposed to autism.
May I wish you the best.

I am so taken a back by this, they didn’t even attempt to speak with me. Feeling hopeless. What do I do?

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