Studying at uni

Hi everyone!

I'm  about to start my last year of uni (for the third time) and thanks to the wellbeing department, I'm being referred for ASC diagnosis. Even being taken seriously enough that I'm being referred is great and it now makes a lot more sense as to why I've struggled so much with my final year in the past.

What I wanted to ask of anyone who is doing/has completed a degree or similar, particularly for an essay-style subject, is what sorts of things help(ed) you with the reading and research for your assignments? I really struggle to understand what academics are getting at, and filtering out the extra information that, while interesting, is not really relevant to what I'm doing, just adjacent. When taking notes, I so often end up noting pretty much everything, which  defeats the point of taking notes. This has made my dissertation a huge struggle and I so want to finish it!

Any tips and tricks? (And as an aside, what other things do/have you found difficult about studying and getting assignments in? How have you overcome those?)

Thanks, everyone!