Received assessment report this morning

Social communication 3 Social interaction 5.

Conclusion- I fit the criteria for ICD 10 Asperger syndrome . It confirms what I've felt for decades but a string of psychiatrists before the latest one had failed to consider, ie there's more going on than severe mental illness.

  • Looking at the report it was interesting that my stepdaughter had noticed things that had not registered with me .

    For example  I said I follow unwritten social rules to some extent but she said I often need to be told how to act, do things that might be seen as inappropriate and talk across people.

    That if I'm talking about something I think is important  I 'll keep doing so doing so regardless of whether she is interested.

    That I don't seem to have a filter.

    I had considered none of these points or had just filed them under " Well that's just me" . That raises the question as to how much insight we have  as to how we are. It also shows that although third party input can be lacking in substance it can also be very informative.

  • Congratulations, how does it feel? I'm at the beginning of the whole process and already feel worn out by it... I hate using the phone to chase, and my doctors has a ridiculously long menu to get through to reception (if they pick up), so I tend to drop in on my way back from work in person only to be told the same thing.

  • It feels good to have my beliefs vindicated.     It's obvious from my experience, and others, that there needs to be a greater acknowledgement that for some being on the spectrum and having a mental illness go together. That an approach that factors in both for such individuals  would result in better outcomes for them.

  • The whole process to me seems very anti-autism, but it seems to be the way of the world:

    The word 'dyslexia' is incredibly hard to spell

    Saying the word 'lisp' if you have a lisp

    And my personal favourite 'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' which is the term for the fear of long words....

  • I hope your diagnosis is what you needed, 

    Thank you for sharing your whole journey with us all, it did at times seem no one was listening and often seemed nothing was happening.

     You stuck with it and often shared the times of difficulty with us. You have leaped so many by sharing your journey, each has a different story to recount but it allows others to see it can all be worth the wait and sadness if only you keep believing and stand strong. 

     Thank you and take care. 

  • I'm glad that your stepdaughter was able to give informative input in the assessment. It is interesting to see/hear how other people perceive us, especially when they pick up on things that we're not aware of ourselves.