Socialising/ Small Talk

As part of my constant anxious analysing of my assessment process, one of the things I've been thinking about it the concept of being sociable and making small talk. I mentioned in my assessment that I was very self conscious, which I am a lot of the time to an exhausting extent, and I submitted some notes in which I talked about the fact I found socialising to be quite difficult in that I have to always think about what I'm saying and often even if I'm 'doing the right face'. I have realised though that despite this, I am a really quite sociable person. I do make an effort to make small talk with people to some extent, eg shop assistants, our neighbors etc (though those aren't situations where I'd end up having a full conversation) and I do enjoy it. Eg I had a driving lesson this morning and managed to chat away to my instructor though it wasn't spontaneous and easy to do. It sounds odd to say I enjoy it even though it's an effort. I have mentioned a bit about this in my assessment but not a lot, so now I'm worrying that I've made it sound like find it harder to be sociable than I do.

I didn't really have any trouble talking to the people who assessed me either, though I'm not able to make eye contact when speaking.

Bit of a rambling post, but I was just wondering what others were like in terms of this? It's one of my big 'if I can do this -insert thing here- then maybe that means I'm not Autistic' worries, ie if I enjoy chatting to people, even though it doesn't come naturally, does that mean my problems are caused by something else. I've just realised that by saying this it almost sounds like I'm implying that people on the spectrum aren't sociable, I don't mean this at all! I'd just be interested to hear other's views :)