I am getting to a point where I feel, although I feel rather frightened of them, that I may have to start taking antidepressants. I was prescribed some last year and took one but it made me feel awful; I didn't sleep, felt unbearably anxious and felt really physically ill too. Doctors have since told me that just one tablet wouldn't make me feel like that but interestingly the psychiatrist I saw who suspected I may be Autistic didn't dispute the idea when I mentioned it to him.

I haven't been diagnosed yet, and of course many not be, but I just wanted to post asking about this issue as I'm sure I recall reading somewhere that people with ASD could be much more sensitive to antidepressants, and I'd also be interested to hear other people's experiences if anyone would like to share.

I have been very much in and out of depression, I do have times when I feel more positive, and I know to some extent my depression is sort of situational; I've been struggling with various aspects of life for several years now, and I'm not finding myself able to get anywhere with anything other than doing the same thing every day whilst feeling like I can't cope with life. I am seeing a therapist and have been making a huge effort to do all of the 'right' things; exercise, eating well, meditating, taking vitamin and mineral supplements etc, but everything just leaves me feeling absolutely distraught and desolate at the moment. I am weirdly hoping that I am depressed because that makes me feel a bit like I might be able to do something about it to feel more positive at some point, as otherwise I am scared that this is just how it is for me now and there's no way out.

Thank you for reading