RAADs- how does my voice sound?

I have to fill in the RAADs for my assessment but am stumped on the questions re normal rhythm/normal tone/unusual voice.

How does my voice sound here?


  • It sounds perfectly normal, meaning you have rhythm and tone. That’s how it sounds to me anyway, over the recording. 

    I don’t know what that reveals though because I have rhythm and tone but I taught myself to have rhythm and tone, so maybe you did as well? 

    I do detect something that I detect when my mum speaks (she’s undiagnosed autistic) though, which is that it sounds as if speaking is almost as if it’s a struggle for you. Nobody else detects this in my mum and she doesn’t struggle to speak, so I don’t think it’s that she or you struggle, it’s just something I pick up on that nobody else does and that’s the only way I can describe it. And maybe it comes from the fact that, although I don’t generally struggle to speak, it was a struggle learning how to speak. I can do it now but it wasn’t always this way.