5 Days left to live. What would you do?

I am potentially at huge risk from midday, next Wednesday. If you only had 5 days left to BE, to EXIST, what would you do? 

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  • Why do you have to think about things like mortgages and bills? It seems bizarre. I usually just pay them, or not, and leave it there. I don’t even know how I’d think about them ~ I’m trying now and I don’t know how to do it, nothings happening

    Why must you persist with this line of being amazed that people should have things to worry about - like paying bills to keep a roof over their head, BlueRay?  I'm sorry, but I find it both unhelpful, patronisng and more than a little insulting.  We can't all live in a state of such profound enlightenment that worldly things like paying out to get by don't worry or concern us.  What seems bizarre to me is that you can have such an indifferent, almost cavalier attitude to the whole thing.  Some of us struggle to ward off debt and to keep above board.  We don't all have the 'luxury' of being able to walk out of difficult situations at whim, nor to be quite happy, settled and comfortable living on benefits.