‘People like me don’t get support’

There is a new paper out entitled, ‘‘People like me don’t get support’: Autistic adults’ experiences of support and treatment for mental health difficulties, self-injury and suicidality.’ 


  • This quote really summed up how I feel:

    I am high-functioning and an adult … I feel ‘lost’…. I am too
    high functioning for most ASD programming in my area, but
    not neurotypical enough to function well in conventional
    work and social situations and environments. (650F)

    CBT is mentioned as being useful for some people, and not for others. Whether this is due to some individuals being more responsive to CBT than others, or because of a regional disparity in quality or practice is not explored. 

    Another factor could be related to age.  How many of the 280,000, I wonder, are late-diagnosed - like myself - and have therefore much more work to do in trying to unpick a lifetime of 'faulty' emotional responses (compounded by co-morbid mental health problems)?

    I have written to Sarah Cassidy, mentioning my own case briefly, and saying that I currently feel on the edge of breaking down completely.  Even with trained professionals, such as the ones offering me support at work, the focus is still on behaviour management rather than on trying to gain a proper understanding of perceptions and responses.  I think they are probably getting tired now of my constantly sending them papers relating to research studies.  The tendency for them to 'normalise' my experiences - to see and assess them solely from a neurotypical perspective - doesn't increase my hope of a broader understanding.

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