Anger and violence in teen with asd

Hi, just wondering if anyone got practical advise for me. My 13 year old son has been diagnosed with ASD last week, though I'm very relieved that there is finally an explanation to his behaviour, we still have to deal with very foul langiage, screaming, throwing stuff, shoving etc. Quite disturbing for an adult, but even more so for my 9 year old son (he doesn't have ASD). I'm trying to think of a new way of dealing with his outburts (over very trivial things), but it just seems that I'm letting him get away with this outrages behaviour. He is refusing to talk about ASD, so no starting point. Any ideas,anybody? Has anybody got practical advise how to curb the outbursts without confrontations, but still imppose the boundaries? Undecided

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  • You won't get anywhere without banging your fist on the table with local authorities and threatening legal action.

    While NAS bill themselves as the "exprets" the truth is they had a care home shutown near bristol as a dangerous client got out and did a particularly horrific thing.

    The NAS is also taking on residents which their facilities are not suitable for and have had staff injured due to this.

    The NAS in my opinion considering I am Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome want low functioning chargable clients to fund their City Road Address.

    If I can give you one peice of advice you need to find the cause of the outbursts, it is quite likely something that does not bother you bothers your child.

    For instance I can hear transformers in electronics hum when others do not-it's like chinese water torture.

    Good luck

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