Do I possess a "Deviant Style of Gaze"??????

I have just been emailed this questionnaire to fill in on in relation to a student that I teach.  If you have a moment... read the questions.  Would you score yourself 20/27 or more?

The thread subject relates to Question 14!!

  1. 1.
    departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behaviour.
    "deviant behaviour"
    synonyms: aberrantdeviating, divergentabnormalatypicaluntypicalnon-typicalanomalousdigressiveirregularnon-standard; More

Appendix II The High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire (ASSQ)


 (A score over 20 would indicate that the patient should be referred for detailed assessment).

This child stands out from other children of his/her age in the following way;

1      is old-fashioned or precocious










2      is regarded as an ‘eccentric professor’ by the other children




3      lives somewhat in a world of his/her own with restricted idiosyncratic intellectual interests




4      accumulates facts on certain subjects (good rote memory) but does not really understand the meaning




5      has a literal understanding of ambiguous and metaphoric language




6      has a deviant style of communication with a formal, fussy, ‘old-fashioned’ or ‘robot- like’ language




7      invents idiosyncratic words and expressions




8      has a different voice or speech




9      expresses sounds involuntarily; clears throat, grunts, smacks, cries or screams




10    is surprisingly good at some things and surprisingly poor at others




11    uses language freely but fails to make adjustments to fit social contexts or the needs of different listeners




12    lacks empathy




13    makes naïve and embarrassing remarks




14    has a deviant style of gaze




15    wishes to be sociable but fails to make relationships with peers




16    can be with other children but only on his/her terms




17    lacks best friend




18    lacks common sense




19    is poor at games; no idea of cooperating in a team, scores ‘own goals’




20    has clumsy, ill coordinated, ungainly, awkward movements or gestures




21    has involuntary face or body movements




22    has difficulties in completing simple daily activities because of compulsory repetition of certain actions or thoughts




23    has special routines; insists on no change




24    shows idiosyncratic attachment to objects




25    is bullied by other children




26    has markedly unusual facial expression




27    has markedly unusual posture




Specify reasons other than above:

Parents Reply
  • I hope you're getting the support you deserve

    Sadly there are no services for adult aspies in Staffordshire at all unless you count Stoke on Trent which is the best part of an hours drive away. So all my support has to come from my family and a couple of friends whom I've told.  

    How was it for you?

    The process of getting a diagnosis was drawn out (although not as bad as some here have described) by them splitting it into 3 x 1 hour assessments which were stretched across 5 months so I was very relieved and elated to get my diagnosis. However once the initial euphoria of having been correct in my self diagnosis had worn off, I started to go through some quite depressive periods, something I am still experiencing now. I think I'm mourning for the normal me I have always wanted to be and tried to bend myself into but who now I know I can never be.

    Other than the work side how's it been for you Anna?