Goodnight, and Good Luck

Exactly what it says...

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  • started having funny turns where i thought i was losing my mind and didnt feel on my own body. This led onto a bout of exisitential anxiety. Made worse by i didnt know what was causing it all. I now know it was grief. How could i not have seen it at the time? 

    That's exactly it.  Like I'm losing my mind - everything.  It's the strangest experience.  At the moment of writing this, I can't pin down my feelings.  Anxiety is there, of course.  But you know that feeling you get when you're moving to a strange place miles away, or when someone close to you is moving away and they're going to leave a gap.  That's how it feels.  An emptiness, a sense of not just actual loss but impending loss, too.  Maybe even... and this is something I don't usually feel.... not exactly loneliness, but aloneness.

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.  I'll get back to you all when I feel more like it.