What positive steps did you take after (adult) diagnosis?

Good afternoon all.

I just wondered what positive steps people took after they were diagnosed as adults.  I am still awaiting my (hopefully) final appointment next week and am going through a rollercoaster of emotions such as: it won't change who I am, it won't make a difference to those that know me, will I grieve for the situations I found troublesome growing up etc etc.

I guess I am asking:

Did diagnosis help?

Did things start to make sense?

Did you do things differently as you were more aware?

and what are people's experience with telling work colleagues?  I am of the mind not to at the moment, as I don't necessarily need anything to change there.

  • First, I am still self-diagnosed as Asperger’s syndrome.

    When I was attending a four year college, I was not able to finish this one test. I told the professor that I wasn’t able to finish the test when I turned it in. She told me I should find out if I qualify for my time.

    I went through the process and the psychologist did figure out that I do have a processing deficiency. His results created an accommodation at the college I was attending. The additional testing time helped me tremendously because I got to showcase my test taking skills when it mattered most. I ended up graduating with my bachelors degree *** Laude.

     I do look back and realize 10 years of my life was wasted because I didn’t get that accommodation for my standardized test during my junior year of high school. I ended up studying the subject I wanted to study right of college too.

     I have received a lot of help for my Asperger’s syndrome. It hasn’t changed that I will obsess though. It hasn’t changed who I am.

  • bachelors degree *** Laude.

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