Bringing someone along

Hi all

I am hoping to get a date soon for my assessment, but i understand that ill be asked to bring someone along who has known me for a long time. I plan to bring my older sister.  My question is though, would she be with me all the time im being assessed?  I would rather that not happen, i dont mind her being asked questions separately, but id much rather be interviewed on my own, just wondered what the standard is?


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  • My Mum helped out with my assessment, but due to her age and her living so far away, they did that part by post and telephone.  I wouldn't have wanted her to be there for the whole assessment, but mine was conducted over three sessions, so I don't think that would have happened anyway.

    As for what the "standard" is - so far as I can tell, there isn't one.  My assessment was 5-6 hours, split over three sessions, with both a psychologist and an occupational therapist involved, help from my Mum, and we spoke about several things which are only in the new DSM-V diagnostic guidelines (so formally my diagnosis is Autism Spectrum Condition Level 1, but informally I was told equivalent to Asperger's Syndrome).  A friend in the same village was diagnosed at around the same time, but at a different clinic, and had only a single one-hour interview with a psychologist, no family involvement, and was diagnosed using the older ICD-10 guidelines (so formally, his diagnosis is Asperger's Syndrome) These were both NHS referrals made by GP's based at the same surgery!

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