Question for adult diagnosees

Hi all,

I'm an adult in England and I had my through-the-NHS assessment a few weeks ago where the psychologist confirmed to me I was autistic.

Since then though I haven't heard or received anything in the post about it either from the assessor or my Doctors so I was wondering how long this usually takes? From what I have read I am meant to be sent a report?

Thank you in advance for any answers

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  • Hi, I had the same difficulties two years ago when I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, it was confirmed over the phone by my GP and I received no consultant letter at all in that two years.  In fact I went back to my GP numerous times until the more sympathetic Doctor gave me a transcript of what the Consultant said to confirm it was Coeliac disease and that's all I have.  However I did get better communication with a diagnosis of ASD but not an 'Asperger's diagnosis.  However there was no follow up at all, I was just left to cope with the diagnosis myself and I had a mental health crisis at the end of April, due to various reasons.  So the first thing I can advise is that your Primary carer is your GP and if things become difficult, hopefully they can support you.  Now I am seeing the 'Mental Health Facilitator' and am on ESA and am thinking of doing voluntary work.  It takes time though to get back on your feet, take care of yourself and set out a simple plan, which helps.

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