Private diagnosis at Lorna Wing Centre - Will it be worth it just to be sure?


I am 43 and have struggled with a number of issues since I was a very small child. In January I visited my GP after having another meltdown and was referred to a LINK worker for some tests relating to Aspergers/ASD, after these I was told that I should be referred to the NHS Autism diagnosis centre in my area but that it can take up to 18 months and several visits. 

Shortly after this I contacted my Wife's private healthcare insurer as I was also covered but after a couple of phonecalls they stated that they would not assist as the NHS in my area used a multi-disciplinary Psychologist led team and they do not consider that such a team is suitably qualified and will only pay for a Psychiatrist led team. This then planted a seed of doubt into my mind about the NHS team and I was also concerned if I asked my GP to refer my to a Psychiatrist even if she said yes I would be taken off the waiting list. I am also concerned as, as I understand it, whilst a psychiatrist is highly qualified they are not necessarily experts in Autism unlike the NHS team.

It was as this point that I contacted the Lorna Wing Centre and filled out a number of forms and have now received a reply stating that I can pay £1900 and the test will be completed within one day in approx. 3 months. I'm just not sure what to do.

My work are already aware and are happy to proceed with reasonable adjustments with or without the diagnosis and I am about to go part-time as I was struggling with long hours and being overloaded.

I just want to know, firstly what I should expect to receive from the Lorna Wing Centre, is it simply a yes/no diagnosis? Also what is the true worth of having the diagnosis as it wouldn't really change my work life but would finally allow me to stop thinking that it was all my fault and I was just being weak-minded or overly--dramatic when I struggle with a number of everyday things. I am in a position where I could just about afford the diagnosis and realise that the Centre is apparently a known expert in the field but it feels like a luxury just to make sense of who I am. Sorry for rambling on.

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