Social Services

As a person with 'Autism' I am considered to be supported by social services, so today I took the initiative and rang 'Adult Social Service' who wondered why I had called.  Well I am 

autistic and need support, she still did not understand.  I need support in finding appropriate employment I stated as I have just lost my job and then I explained the circumstances,  Are you in a crisis now, no I replied patiently but have been through one and am on the sick until mid July, under the care of my local GP.  Well you are being very 'pro-active' and have you considered voluntary work, yes I have had to fill in a PIP form by myself as Citizens Advice in Leicester is non existent and am trying to fill in my ESA form, waiting for my 'SSP1' form from

my former employers.  What amazed me was she wondered why I needed to contact social services in the first place, well I told her I was informed that if I was in a crisis, you would know, so I am making sure that you do know that I am struggling.