My strange eating habits

Hi there...

I know a lot of autistic people have certain eating habits such as liking certain foods and things, but I wondered if anyone else had similar habits to me. At the moment I feel a bit strange to say the least!

These are some of my habits:

  • I can't eat from plates or bowls that I have just washed up
  • If I don't wash something straight away, and leave it on the side for a day, I can't eat from it until the memory of it being dirty is gone
  • If executive dysfunction (or my chronic illness) leads me to not wash it up for a while, I just throw it out because I know I won't be able to eat from it :( I've lost some of my favourite bowls that way
  • I have certain cutlery and crockery for different things, I can't eat pasta from my cereal bowl for example

But if I go to someone else's house, none of these things apply. It's only if it is my house that I have these habits. I wonder if its linked to OCD?

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  • If I did all that I'd have no dishes at all. I'm not the best at cleaning dishes right away, not least because it takes a while for the dishwasher to get full.

    For me, I will never eat from any clean dish my cats have previously eaten from (I use crockery to feed my cats but they have their own set of dishes), but I'll gladly wash my dishes in the same dishwasher with their stuff, even though I know the cat food particles have been touching my dishes.

    I also need to eat stuff from the correct sized plate. I have three different sizes of plates, and I always eat lunch from the medium ones and dinner from the large ones (even if I'm having for dinner exactly the same thing I had for lunch on a previous day).

    I have never really thought about it before, but eating pasta from a bowl is something I would never do, even if every plate was dirty and all I had clean were bowls. Who would even think of doing that???

    I don't like mixing foods that shouldn't be mixed, and it annoys me if sauce for one thing touches another kind of food on the plate that doesn't go with the sauce.

    It only occured to me around the time that I got my recent diagnosis that I might be unusual in this way. I thought everyone I knew was just weird because they would just eat anything in any way and had no real aesthetic sense or discerning taste when it came to food.

    I also don't seem to feel hungry like other people do, and I often mistake thirst for hunger, though I don't feel thirsty until I'm really dehydrated. When I drink water, especially tap water, but even sometimes bottled water, I often choke because it goes down the wrong pipe, but anything else I drink (milk, juice, etc.) doesn't have that effect, though fizzy drinks invariably give me hiccups.

    If I'm concentrating on something, I can go literally an entire day without eating, and I will also stay up late into the night without noticing (or caring about) the time. It is usually exhaustion that forces me to sleep, and if I am really enthusiastic about what I am doing, I feel refreshed and ready to go once the sun rises, even if I've had only two hours of sleep. Worry and stress also has this effect on my sleeping pattern, after I always found it so easy to get a full night's sleep as a child and teenager.

    After living in the New York area for my studies and seeing a documentary on TV about some stuff that goes on in restaurant kitchens, I mostly stopped eating food in restaurants, and I don't like to eat food that someone other than me has prepared, because I don't know how often they wash their hands. I eat food my mom makes, but I always drive her nuts by reminding her to wash her hands.

    Would it be regular OCD, or would it be the type of OCD that seems to come with being on the spectrum? ACD, rather than OCD?

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