My strange eating habits

Hi there...

I know a lot of autistic people have certain eating habits such as liking certain foods and things, but I wondered if anyone else had similar habits to me. At the moment I feel a bit strange to say the least!

These are some of my habits:

  • I can't eat from plates or bowls that I have just washed up
  • If I don't wash something straight away, and leave it on the side for a day, I can't eat from it until the memory of it being dirty is gone
  • If executive dysfunction (or my chronic illness) leads me to not wash it up for a while, I just throw it out because I know I won't be able to eat from it :( I've lost some of my favourite bowls that way
  • I have certain cutlery and crockery for different things, I can't eat pasta from my cereal bowl for example

But if I go to someone else's house, none of these things apply. It's only if it is my house that I have these habits. I wonder if its linked to OCD?

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  • I cannot drink from any cup, mug or glass except mine, I eat with a small fork and I use a teaspoon of i need a spoon. I can't eat if I'm distressed about anything. I don't ever feel hungry or thirsty. I don't eat dead animals, I just can't do it. If there are bad smells, or a fly or anything like that the food will be infected and not edible. Fruit is disgusting. Vegetables are awesome except peas. Nothing can touch anything else on a plate.