Is this a "melt down" ? Is this normal?


So ive been very run down lately , questioning my life, whT im doing, im not coping well with certain aspects but its been just bubbiling under the servjce where i can feel im depressed but in functioning. 

Today however i was sent over the edge , plans that had been madr where cancelled and i couldnt xope with the unexpected change, let down and financial implication.

This sebt me into an emotional pit / panic. I then began to rage and started punching my head and digging flesh out of my arm.woth my nails.

This is a more extreme freak out for me that has happrned before but i never put it down to possibly a melt down/ autism thing as ive only jyst been diagnosed.

Is this possuble or am i just unstable? Does anypne else have these more violent episodes and how can i cause myself less harm? 

On a weird note the head punching and flesh pinching calms me down 

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