Since I realised I could be on the spectrum, first diagnosis appointment next month, I have been regressing.  I.e back to old traits when I was younger.

Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Just of the top of my head and I am no authority but you could be'"regressing" because you have accepted that there might really be a reason for your behaviours and that you don't need to mask all the time.

  • Hi, it is weird, I have an assessment end of next month too. Been 50 years having a mask on. I have made an effort not to make an effort, if you know what I mean. I am enjoying stopping to listen to birds and look at beautiful things without being self critical. I am allowing myself to visibly stim. It feels good to be who I am and not the smiling fool that my persona was. I just hope we both get the assessment we are looking for.

    I have also done all the assessments and noted everything I can.

    Autism Spectrum Quotient     40/50   80%

    Empathy Quotient                   8

    Systemising Quotient              94

    Neurodiverse score                 140/200

    Neurotypical score                  63/200

    I have also printed them off to take with me, as well as a 2000 word self study for them.

    I hope they don't think I am strange, everything that I do, I tend to look into a lot, books etc.