Complaining about a 'Medical Expert'. Can Anyone help

  Yesterday I had a Psychological assessment arranged by my Mental Health Worker (due to my deteriorating Mental Health) to assess me for Aspergers & worsening OCD. My MH Worker believes that my severe depression, growing paranoia and self harming are masking an undiagnosed problem. 

  I have daily problems with travelling, communicating with strangers, people entering my personnel space, memory loss, depression, anxiety, compulsive behaviour, self harming, insomnia, obsessive behavoiur and now paranoia.

 I had a one hour session with a so called Psychiatrist and was left disillusioned, very confused and felt COMPLETELY WORTHLESS.

He told me I DON'T suffer with Depression even though it affects me ALL THE TIME. I am constantly paranoid about friends and family dying and in the past have been suicidal.

Because I do not 'CUT MYSELF' but constantly scratch and nip myself (drawing blood), and pull my hair out he acted like that my self harming WAS A SMALL PROBLEM and not worth discussing.

He told me that I only have MINOR O.C.D. if at all even though I have CONSTANT PANIC ATTACKS when things are not down 'correctly'. I told him repeatedly about my OBSESSIVE and COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOUR which is now turning into PARANOIA. He seemed to brush it all off as 'LIFE STYLE CHOICES'. 

When discussing my insomnia (which I have had since being a child) he told me to JOIN A GYM.

He constantly told me that he was there to help BUT then he came to the crux of the matter and REPEATEDLY reminded me about BUDGETS and Mental Health suffers who's NEEDS were more important than mine. He stated (and I quote) " If you had a family member who severely cut themselves, or a family member who was stood on Humber Bridge about to commit suicide who's needs would come first, yours or theirs?"

He then said he would give me 3 months of help but then warned me that it was up me to MAKE SURE I followed up on this help.

When I left the 'session' I felt like a worthless time-waster, confused and upset. If it wasn't for being able to call my partner (I am paranoid about Mobile Phones but she insisted I carry one for emergencies) I would have gone on a 'Bender'. I very rarely drink but the last time I went on a 'Bender' I became suicidal and was almost 'Sectioned'. The Psychiatrist knew all this.

Can anyone out there advice me on what I can do. My Mental Health Workers is calling me today because she knows what I've just been through but can I complain? Can I ask for a second option?

Yours Paparaw

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