Do you get what I am saying

I can not maths in my head. Yep I can program one those fangle computer things (Some people think they might get popular). I have a long time interest in all of things like encryption it sounds so random to me. 

Then sometimes I want to speak but no words come out. I know what want but not able to say it. Very annoying when waiting in line at MuckyD's finally it my turn to speak. The no words come out. The more I try the more impossible it becomes (I need to lose few pounds anyway). Thow I have told MANY time before they just wish I would talk less then about those computer things.

Walking down street and police/fire/ambulance siren goes off I have to put hand up against my ears. But I am able to deal with it because few moments they will hopeful be long gone. Then I am able to go loudest event and have no problems with it and able to enjoy it.

Then have a uncontrollable need to took at everything in room. But finding next to impossiable to look at persion face.