Collecting things

Does anyone else collect a particular thing and feel quite obsessive about it?

My collection kind of possesses my mind and is really bad for my bank balance, but also brings me massive joy.

  • Me and my late mother were both collectors.  Buying things we don't need or use, just to complete collections.

    I buy too many books.   Sometimes I read all of them at other times i might read some then buy others to complete a collection.  I also spend considerable time and money trying to find books to complete my collections.  This started in childhood with Enid Blyton books.  I had all 15 secret seven books, all 21 mystery of books.  Etc.

    Samewith DVDS.  I have a massive collection, I have only watched about 95% of it.  I just cannot get round to seeing every one.  For example my boxset of open all Hours, I've only watched half the episodes.

    My mother also collected.  When she passed away, we found in the fitted wardrobes collections of shoes.  Twenty pairs of shoes still in their original boxes and carrier bags with shop receipts.  All unused.  The shoes she walked about in day to day were knackered and repaired several times.

    A collection of bed linen. Again around twenty sets of linen with receipts in original packaging.  Hers was worn out and repaired multiple times.

    60  tea towels in full sets, by colour, by type such as flower collections,  collections of castles, animals etc.  Tea towels in use were torn, faded and stained.

    Cutlery collections, 5 sets, in use were different types.  Knifes did not match forks etc.

    Collections of crystal vases, boats, about 50 items.  Just for display.

    Finally collections of toliet paper.  I once used one roll from her collection when we ran out.   What a row!!!!! I got told off that that particular shade of mushy green peas was no longer available in the shops. How dare i put it down the toilet!!!!! 

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