Collecting things

Does anyone else collect a particular thing and feel quite obsessive about it?

My collection kind of possesses my mind and is really bad for my bank balance, but also brings me massive joy.

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  • Yes, anything made of wood! Over the years I've 'modified' my obsession for collecting wooden things to only buying or bringing home those that I can justify to the family by claiming they're useful (pssst, it's not always strictly true). I even bought my children wooden toys, claiming they were more sturdy / robust / natural / authentic etc. and whilst that's all true, it's not the ONLY reasons I bought them. 

    Things wooden in my home include (but are not limited to):

    sofa (frames)



    board games

    candle holders

    lamps / light shades & picture / photo / mirror frames

    ornaments (this is where the line between useful and not blurs)

    pens and rulers etc.

    children's toys and games

    boot heels



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