Asperges Report

Wow so I finally received my Asperges report in the post and it is half assed written does not even include half of what I struggle with and the childhood report they went to my mother who I don't even talk to and don't even have a relationship with so its based on lies everything she said and of course she made out like there was no problems. Not to mention there is spelling errors by the Spanish pyschiatrist. It is actually awful thinking of asking for a new report to be written or even a new assessment preferably not by a rookie illiterate pyschiatrist and an assessor that is barely out of uni. Starting to wonder if their diagnosis is actually legit! Anyone else had problems of bad reports?

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  • It's spelled psychiatrist! Oh and Asperger's or Asperger...

    Sorry, couldn't resist, and it isn't my first language either.

    But I think you can certainly ask for the language being corrected, if you want to get it done quickly and without more mistakes added you may just type a corrected version for them and ask them to copy&paste it into their report form.

    Content-wise, well, think if there is something missing that you really need to be in there for one reason or another I would ask them to add this rather than asking for another assessment. Guess that's a lot less likely to happen and even if, it will be a(nother) long wait. You got the diagnosis if I understand that correctly, so maybe childhood issues are not that important to be mentioned in much detail there, it would be a different thing if they hadn't given you a diagnosis for that reason.

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