Autism and clothing

Hello all,

I'm a fashion student studying in Wales and I hoped to make clothing that would benefit school aged children with autism. I wanted to know what are the things you look for in particular with clothes? Are there sensory toys that help? Are there particular colours that are favoured? I also wanted to know the things to avoid with clothing. I'm making these clothes with the goal of that they'll be easy to put on/off, won't over stimulate and hoped to make them so they're calming to wear/help with sensory issues.

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  • I think some of these things you mention are different for each child, a colour for instance that comforts one child might be over-stimulating to another. Fabrics too will differ from child to child in that some may prefer the feeling of being wrapped in heavy woollen layers whilst others need a light, silky, barely-there feel to combat the oppressive feeling of heavier fabrics. 

    I would suggest that any garments have reversed, or taped, seams and no labels on the inside as either of these can cause unbearable over-stimulation. Pockets are very important to some children too, large enough to be useful not the kind on jeans. Similarly hoods, large enough to drape.