Recently diagnosed as ASD

Anyway long story short, I was diagnosed with ASD two weeks ago. I have been looking around for support or social groups targeting people with ASD that are not low functioning. I could find   only found one in my area (west sussex). The only problem there is that they have no (vacancies) for new members whatever that means. Im due to start uni in September i know there are a few groups for autistic folk there but in the mean time are there really no social groups or support out there???? 

i am kind of lucky in a sense that i have a social network but is that it... do people on there own with nobody have nothing?

  • Hi ,

    You may wish to make use of the National Autistic Society's Autism Services Directory, which might help you to find support locally:

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  • Hey Dave,

    I was diagnosed ASD1 just recently too. Don't know about you, but I found the lack of follow through pretty dilillusioning. The diagnosis was great for me personally, as it explained loads, but nothing else seemed to change. I went to my GP, whom I gave my diagnosis letter to and she contacted the local Asperger Team. There will be one local to you. I also called the same team myself, who sent me a form so I could self refer. I then received a call from my GP saying that the localAsperger team had been in touch with her and I m scheduled to see her again in March. It's a slow process....I am finding most of the legwork you need to do yourself. However, I understand us people with ASD1 have boundless tenacity, so I am getting on with putting in place some kind of support network for myself. Online places like this and WrongPlanet can be OK, but I tend to shy away from the venting I observed. If you want a great video that says it all, you could watch Christian Stuart Ferrer's 2 part presenetation on UToob. Good luck.