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Hi, I've recently - finally - got my Asperger diagnosis, preceded by an ADHD diagnosis. I'm in my 60s, and was misdiagnosed many years ago as bipolar, and had an even earlier label as a (gifted) child of being 'maladjusted'! I've since discovered that many autistic children were given this label, as child psychology was then in its infancy. Other than psychotic or schizophrenic, there were no diagnoses for children's mental health issues. My life has not been easy, and athough this diagnosis has been very welcome and has answered many questions, it's very hard for me to find anybody who can understand me and the difficulties I face. I've tried counselling a couple of times, but found that most professionals know nothing about autism other than basics like binary thinking and so find it hard to understand my (logical) take on everything. It would be great to hear back from anyone else who is in a similar situation, and to know that I'm not alone. 

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  • Hi, my husband of 53 yrs is now in his 18th year of prostate cancer that spread almost immediately from the first surgery.  He has had

    years of treatments and never reached "remission" rather slow growth to tissue and bones.  He has had no treatment since Aug.of 2017

    and is doing OK.  My query is are there any studies relating autism (which he has) and differing responses to diseases such as

    cancer? I do realize that there are many, many different dimensions of autism and cancer.  However, his story is quite amazing

    to me and to him.