Bells, Buzzers and Ringing

Does anyone have problems with these sounds?

I've had panic attacks from thesee sounds for decades.

I hear a buzzer or a ringing sound, I may be the door or the telephone. I panic, my heart starts a rapid irregular beat, I sweat and generally panic/don't know what to do.

I've changed my phone ringtone to less threatening music.

I sometimes wake up instantly at night when I imagine a buzzer or ringing.   I check, there is no one at the door!  The phone has not rang!

Do others here have these problems. 


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  • I used to work in a nursing home where some of the electric hoists used to move clients made a screeching noise. It was worse than the call buzzer and part of the reason I stopped working there. A couple of years ago I had a 'reversing beeper' arrangement fitted to my car. It stops me knocking into the gate but at what cost to my peace of mind! Actually, after I got it fitted a young relative of mine with asd started asking if he could get out of the car before I had to reverse. I thought "Yes, and I wish I could too."  And then later I started thinking about other traits we have in common... and that has lead me here! And how happy I was to find this place.