Bells, Buzzers and Ringing

Does anyone have problems with these sounds?

I've had panic attacks from thesee sounds for decades.

I hear a buzzer or a ringing sound, I may be the door or the telephone. I panic, my heart starts a rapid irregular beat, I sweat and generally panic/don't know what to do.

I've changed my phone ringtone to less threatening music.

I sometimes wake up instantly at night when I imagine a buzzer or ringing.   I check, there is no one at the door!  The phone has not rang!

Do others here have these problems. 


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  • Yes i can't stand anything like that. The phone or door or kitchen timer going, makes my heart beat crazily and makes me shake. It's worse if i'm already having an anxious day for some other reason. I was on the phone recently and the kitchen timer went off and i almost dropped the phone. I think it's partly that these are shrill sounds, so naturally unpleasant anyway. But also Evan is probably right as someone calling me or turning up at the door is always going to make me panic. I remember being in a dreadful state at school on days where they said 'today we will have a practice of the fire alarm' haha! I was a nervous wreck, couldn't hear a word the teacher said, waiting to have to put my hands over my ears and escape!

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