TV programme on Repair your Brain.

I watched a programme last Tuesday on January 30th 2018 Channel 4 10PM  on Repair Your Brain on Channel 4.  I wonder if any of you watched it.  It seemed like Science Fiction but it is true.  It described how a man had his emotions turned on so was supposedly cured of his Autism.  He went to the other extreme and his wife divorced him.   Someone on face book who had that treatment found it disturbed him and most of the effects wore off.  They do something quickly to your brain and it changers the personality of the individual.  I think this treatment should only be used as a very last resort as it can have dangerous side effects.

What do others think? You can google the programme.  You can also watch it on your computer I Player but you have to register with Channel 4 and they will only let you watch it if you are over sixteen.  That programme shows surgical procedures so it could  be upsetting for children.  Anyway every body on this forum is over sixteen so is entitled to watch it after registering with Channel 4..