Fear of phones?

Does anyone else have a horror of talking on the phone? I have hated using the phone since I was a child, although it is hard to pin down exactly why I dislike it so much. I think my main difficulty is 'reading' how a conversation is going when I can't see the other person. I pause for too long, or jump in too soon, or struggle to pick up crucial info from their tone - is this a bad time to call? am I making myself clear?

I am currently going through a work-related nightmare scenario where I have been asked to make loads of phone calls - in a situation I have always previously handled by email - and I feel stressed and anxious about all the time: anticipating the calls, making the calls, reflecting on the calls. It is supposed to be making everyone feel encouraged, but if any of the hapless recipients are like me they will be thoroughly put off!

I have always thought this was just a random failure on my part, but now I am wondering whether it is integral to my nature.

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  • I hate using the phone as well.   I read in a magazine that someone calling you on the phone is an invitation for you to answer, not a command to answer, and I try to remember this . When it rings I feel like it is someone walking into my house uninvited.  I disabled my voice mail because I hated it even more if people left messages for me.   The only times I answer the phone are when my mum or my husband rings or if I am expecting someone to ring - if I am waiting for the garage to phone about my MOT for example.,   I don't understand how people can chat for hours on the phone.