Assessment tomorrow


I have an appointment with the psychiatrist tomorrow for what I hope will be an aspergers assessment. Feeling very nervous about it as i have no idea what is going to happen or how long it's going to take.  Been worrying a lot in the lead up to this appointment. What if I'm completely wrong about this and there's nothing wrong other than me not being a very successful human. Feeling anxious as well that I will not be able to present why I feel I have aspergers properly and I will waste the opportunity. Will the assessment be done in one appointment? 

Just wanted to get these thoughts out there.

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  • Thank you for your responses. I suppose my original post was just me wanting to share my thoughts with people who might understand. There was no need to worry though. The psychiatrist was lovely and she did confirm my suspicions that it is "most likely" that I have aspergers and she is going to write to my gp stating her diagnosis. As one of you said i do now feel validated and i feel more confident about approaching my employer and speaking to them about what my difficulties are in work with the hope that they will support me in over coming them. That was the reason i needed the official diagnosis. I didnt feel i could speak to anyone other than my close friends about my suspicions as i wasn't sure if they were right or not. 

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