Paying for care

I've got a social services assessment tomorrow. My stepdaughter will be there with me.The purpose of the assessment is to get me more support so my stepdaughter can spend more quality time with me and not be preoccupied all the time attending to things.  Some background detail-from 2015 I've gradually lost over £90 a week in benefits ( switch to PIP,transfer to universal credit) .  I realise I'll have to use PIP for care but am worried they'll want more money than that which I can ill afford if I want any quality of life.

I reckon I can afford 3 hours care if PIP money is used . I am not sure they'll say  I need that much care or more or  not. The sad thing is if the government hadn't targeted me as a disabled person I could have afforded  5-6 hours care if it was needed.

Ultimately it may come down to sacrificing some care needs to stay financially solvent or to not do so but spend my time stressed out worrying about finances.